Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A whole month!

I can't believe it has been an entire month since my last update...but that just shows how crazy this month has been!  In no particular order...
*     I went to the sewing class and made a dress for Ashlyn.  I did one on my own the other day too!
*    Worked with Ashlyn on eating baby food.
*    We had Spring Break! Autumn and Shelby came to visit and I got to visit my friends in Auburn. :o)

*    Mary's Birthday/St. Patty's Day
*    We started fixing up the house to maybe try to sell it.
*    Ashlyn turned 7 Months old!!!
*    I lost my camera...but I got a new cell phone.
*    Ashlyn got sick again. :o( We're talking 104.7 fever.
*    I wrecked my car. :o(
I have lots of pictures to share...unfortunately some of them were on the camera I lost. Here's a few of the one's that didn't get lost.

St. Patrick's Day 2011
Note:  Just for Granny, Great Granny, Great Grandad and Mary...I know she's Scottish too. :o)
 My friends Jenny and Olivia in Auburn!  I had a great time visiting with them!  I don't get to see them nearly enough!!!  They are both such sweet ladies!
I got videos of Autumn and Shelby visiting at my house...but they are on the camcorder...so I'll have to add them later.  They are so precious!  David has pictures on his phone of our visit to Chuck E. Cheese!!!
 Photo shoot at the doctor's office with Daddy's hat!!!  This was the dress I made Ashlyn at the sewing class.  It is reversible.  Unfortunately the good pictures of it were on the camera.
 This was the first visit...obviously she wasn't feeling that badly yet.  Second visit was for the fever...and it got pretty bad.  My poor baby was miserable.  Thank God she is feeling better now.  That was one scary virus.
The dress I made Ashlyn on my own.  The red dots are lady bugs, and it has clovers and yellow flowers and the fabric has silver glitters.  I'm pretty proud of myself. :o)  It's a little big because it was a toddler's pattern...so I made a size one and she's in between size 9 months and 12 months right now.

I think the pictures of Ashlyn's first feedings were on the camera.  She pretty much HATES baby food.  She loves oatmeal and rice cereal and now we've found a couple baby foods that she will eat (Sweet Peas, Mac and Cheese, & Chicken and Gravy - and yes...those are all ground up...yuck!)  She was throwing up her oatmeal though...that is why I went ahead and took her to the doctor the first time...I was getting worried about her refusal of so many foods.  Good thing is...she is definitely gaining weight.  She is at 19 lbs now!  Mary said David was 25 lbs when he was her age...what a chunker! :o)  She is still drinking breast milk so she is getting the nutrients she needs and the doctor wasn't too concerned with her lack of interest in other foods.  He said not to force it...which is his philosophy on just about everything...and my Granny's.  We did buy those "Fresh Food Feeders" (pictured below) for Ashlyn and she likes those.  She has eaten grapes and apples.  The fruit is a little cold and I think the mesh feels good on her gums.  She is seriously teething now!
Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Monday, March 7, 2011


After much thought and consideration, I have decided to privatize this blog.  The intention of my blog is to help me document the adventures and milestones in mine and my family's life and to offer a way to share pictures and videos with family and friends.  If any one out there wants to continue viewing my blog, please request to be a follower.

Thanks, Heather