Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been a couple weeks...

Since my last post...just been busy living. :o) A couple weekends ago, my step-sister Lindsey came up to spend the weekend with us again.   She got in on Thursday night and met me for lunch on Friday.  Nothing says TGIF like good company and good Mexican food for lunch!  Friday evening we decided to take Ashlyn and Lindsey to their first ever University of Alabama Gymnastics meet.  We picked a great one too!  It was the annual "Pink Meet"!  I love that we support the Fight Against Breast Cancer! Click Here to see some great pictures of the meet!  Fireworks inside the coliseum and all!  David caught a t-shirt for Lindsey that they shot out of a potato gun!  Ashlyn danced until she dropped!  Saturday, I packed up the little one for a trip to Mimi and Papaw's house while Lindsey and my friend Stephanie and I headed a little further east to Atlanta, Georgia to view "Bodies-The Exhibition". I know there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding these exhibits, but I don't want to get into that.  Lindsey got extra credit for her science class to go and Stephanie is in her third year of Nursing school - and I've always been interested in the body and how it works (or doesn't sometimes). We all thought it was a very interesting exhibit and learned quite a bit. The drive went by so fast thanks to our big mouths (me and Stephanie that is)! We saw the Ikea store on the way out of town and I'm determined to go back soon to visit it!  I can't believe I didn't get a single picture during the whole trip - but I had such a fun time on our "Girl's Road Trip"!
Sunday of that weekend, Mary had their whole family over for Sunday "Lupper" (as my Granny calls it - kind of like brunch only it's lunch and supper).  It was wild having all the babies together!  I FINALLY got to hold Ashlyn's sweet baby twin cousins!  Of course, I fell instantly in LOVE!  Ashlyn is growing up so fast and this was yet another opportunity to see just how much she has grown.

 She loves cousin Ella - she also loves to give kisses!

 Missing one cousin in this picture - well you can actually see the back of his head in the corner...
 My Goofies having a chuckle!
Some of my happiest childhood memories were spent with my cousins!  Having a lot of cousins, to me - is like having all the good parts of having a lot of brothers and sisters (like having built-in friends) - but none of the bad parts (like having to share a bathroom with a million people)!
True to form...we packed all the fun we could into one weekend, so we needed a weekend to recover.  LOL!  This past weekend we took it easy - David went fishing with his brother and me and Ashlyn did a little housework and shopping.  We met David and Joe for lunch at the most yummiest taco joint in Tuscaloosa (Taco Casa for all you non-natives who were wondering).  Sunday we went to Lowe's to buy some flowers for the front plant beds.  Spring is JUST AROUND THE CORNER...and so is SPRING BREAK!  8 work days and counting until Spring Break!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

National Championship Do-over

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of having my Dad and Jacque over to the house to watch the DVR'ed National Championship Game.  My dad is doing SO WONDERFUL!  I am so glad that he is having such great success!  Unfortunately, most of his memories have not returned.  He is probably the only person in Alabama (maybe the whole United States!) that can say that he watched Alabama beat the living daylights out of LSU in the National Championship Game TWICE FOR THE FIRST TIME!  I know it's not really funny...but let's make the best of a bad situation.  I'm so glad David wanted to record the game so now my die-hard Alabama Fan Dad got to see the game again.  Ashlyn loved getting all the attention!  We grilled steaks.  I cooked some green beans (Ashlyn's favorite) and made a yummy ranch and cheesy mashed potatoes.  Jacque brought an amazing chocolate cake that was totally not on the diet and totally worth it!  Thank you to all who have prayed for my family and especially my Dad!  God is doing a mighty work in all of our lives through this situation.

Roll Tide!!!

Valentine's Day 2012

We have not really been "Valentine's Day people" historically speaking.  David and I have let Valentine's Day come and go relatively unnoticed for at least the last 5 or 6 years.  This year we really made a day of it! :o) 
 Ashlyn's class at preschool had a Valentine's Day party.  These were her Valentine's for her friends.  I found the idea online and worked with what we already had at home to make them.
 David surprised his little Valentine with three red roses, a balloon and a stuffed bug at school!
 She held that little bug's antenna the entire time she ate lunch!

 Ashlyn LOVES her Ms. Angie!
 She LOVES her Ms. Amber too!
David also surprised his big Valentine with a dozen red roses and Ghirardelli chocolates.
I don't know that I even have the right words to describe how much I love the man I married.  I have said before and I'll say again...he is the perfect one for me.  He is so loving and patient.  He never gives up on me.  He is so supportive.  No matter how many times I change this or try that...he always gives the thumbs up and gets on board, even if he is thinking, "here we go again", he doesn't say it.  He believes that I can accomplish the goals I set...I think sometimes he believes in me more than I believe in myself...and I need that.  He is my best friend.  He is the one I can be completely honest with and not feel judged.  Oftentimes he silently endures when I'm being selfish.  He is understanding when I come to him and apologize for lashing out at him, when I realize that I was the one being selfish in the first place.  He truly forgives and forgets.  He is Godly.  He strives to stay the course when we feel God is calling us to do something.  He listens to my opinions and takes my needs into consideration before making decisions.  He is giving.  One of the things I love most about my husband is his heart for others.  He takes every opportunity he can to help others.  He is kind.  I fall more and more deeply in love with him every time I watch him with our little girl.  His heart is pure.  He doesn't do things with selfish ambition or ulterior motives.  He is probably the most amazing person I know.  I am so grateful that God picked him out for me.