Day 1 - Fit Test - Are you kidding me??? What have I gotten myself into?  26 minutes of torture... I am totally NOT FIT!!!
Day 2 - My quads are on fire!!!  I'm completely covered in sweat...I gave it my all!!!  This is no joke....just focused on fitting into my bathing suit....58 days to go!
Day 3 - I flaked and was much needed!!! Still sore today.
Day 4 - SO TIRED!!!  Got home too late so I flaked again.  I am NOT giving up though!
Day 5 - I jumped on the Insanity train again tonight.  David's out of town, so I did it by myself and I'm really proud of myself for that!  It kicked my butt and I'm still just so tired that I don't have a whole lot of 'dig deeper' in me just yet.  I know it will get better soon and I'll be able to hang in there longer.
Day 6 - I weighed this morning and I've lost 4 pounds!!! VERY LONG DAY - didn't get home until too late to do workout today. :-(
Day 7 - Out of town
Day 8 - Out of town
Day 9 - Too tired from being out of town - and just a little lazy...
Day 10 - Was down five pounds - now I'm back up one - so I'll start where I left off today at down four and get back to being INSANE!  I was so tired by the end of this workout I didn't know if I could even keep standing up...
Day 11 - Today was Cardio Recovery.  I don't know why, but I was raring to go!  I loved this session!  It was less hopping up and down and more yoga/pilates style.
Day 12 - My quads are KILLING me!!!!  I helped serve at David's catering event tonight so I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off...then we came home and did Pure Cardio!  I'm wiped!!!
Day 13 - My step mom came to town and we're having a yard sat tomorrow - so I'm pricing until I drop...
Day 14 - A yard sale should count as a day of exercise...I'm worn out!
Day 15 - Well great...I've done something to my knee.  I tried to push through, but it just hurt too much.  Made it to about the last 15 minutes.  David was so sweet!  He got me a bag of peas and ace bandaged them to my knee.
Day 16 - My knee is just not ready.
Day 17 - My knee doesn't hurt now, just feels "weird".  I think I have a cold - I'm achy all over.  Tomorrow I'll kick Insanity butt again!
Day 18 - My knee did better.  I got really frustrated at trying to figure out how to wrap it so that it wouldn't pinch the back of my leg when I bent down.  There is A LOT of bending down in Insanity.  I finally figured out something I could live with - made it to about the last 12 minutes and my knee started to hurt again.  I haven't lost any more weight and that is frustrating me.  I'm down right now, but I'm not giving up.  I'm going to be more careful about my diet.
Day 19 -We had to go to a funeral visitation tonight.  David bought a knee brace for me - isn't he thoughful!?!?
Day 20 -We went on a date tonight!!!
Day 21 - Fit Test 2 today!!!  It's really supposed to be on Day 15, but David insisted that we had to do all the workouts that would have fit into the 15 days before we did the fit test.  We both improved in all 8 exercises!!!!  I am so proud and this program is definitely making a difference!!!  BTW - the first fit test we had to pause several times to rest just to get through it.  We paused a couple times to "revisit our dinner" - yes I said it...gross I know.  We didn't pause a single time and no one got sick!!!  If we did the exact same reps of the exercises and just made that improvement I would have been happy - but we increased our reps in all 8 exercises!
Day 22 -Pushed through - this is no joke!!!  Shin Splints are rearing their ugly head now.  Great!  Got some great advice from some athletically inclined friends so I've got lots of ammo to fight back!!!
Day 23 - Took the day off the give the shins a rest.
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