Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Ryan is growing fast...

Just an update on Baby Ryan and her Mommy and Daddy -
Daddy is working too hard (as usual), but he joined a softball team, so he is having some fun too now!
Mommy is feeling better now that I figured out that if I sleep propped up in bed (pretty much upright in a sitting position) that I don't get sick in the morning....Yeah! Oh the joys of pregnancy! Ha Ha!
Baby Ryan is growing like a weed! We are working on finding a name for her. I found a set of crib bedding that I fell in LOVE with! They are holding it for me at a store in Vestavia Hills, so I am going to get it tomorrow. Here is a picture of the bedding I chose. It is called Heaven Sent Girl:And the most fun news of all...I FELT THE BABY LAST NIGHT! Just a couple days shy of 20 weeks, I finally felt my little angel. I woke poor David up in the middle of night to tell him, but he was excited.
Gracie was laying on my tummy and apparently that made Baby Ryan squirmy. :) I wonder what Gracie will do when she can feel Baby Ryan???

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a.....


We are very excited!
Maybe now I can start making some decorating decisions about the nursery. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Bump

The baby bump is appearing. :) We find out (hopefully) if it is a boy or a girl this Thursday! I am VERY excited!

Key West

So I know Spring Break was a few weeks ago, but just like everything in life right now...I get to it eventually. I'm trying to catch up from 3 months of feeling like crap, and I'm still tired and there are days that I'm still a little sick. Looking at Key West pictures makes me smile. Here are a few:

The islands are so beautiful! The weather was perfect!

Standing at the Southernmost Point on the Continental US with Laura and Jamey.

We ate lunch at one of Laura and Jamey's favorite spots. We had outdoor seating in a cozy little courtyard.

And then I got pooped on...if you look closely, you can see the culprit.

We got to spend the day on the ocean in a friend of the Graham family's boat...this is just one of the many beautiful sunsets we got to see.

Last night of vacation...we stayed in Islamorada. My friend Jenny drove down from Miami and had dinner with us. I had Stone Crab for the first time....LOVE IT. It was totally worth "saving up my seafood allowance" for the last week. It was so windy that it was actually cold. I thought we were all going to freeze to death in our summer clothes. That is the kind of difference in weather that two hours north makes.

We took a different route home because David wanted to show me the Everglades. We took a break from driving to take an airboat tour. I'm so glad we did! You really can't get a good idea of what the everglades are like by looking out a car window. It looks so different when you look out on the land as opposed to being right on it. We saw a ton of gators and lots of beautiful birds. This was a very fun trip!