Thursday, November 5, 2009

Botanical Gardens

We have had a whole lot going on...and still do. I wish I could update and share pictures on everything that has been going on, but I just don't have time yet, but I am trying to get one up every once in a while. Maybe one day I'll catch up. These pictures are from my trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my sister and niece. Autumn had her art selected to be displayed at the Botanical Gardens. She was so excited and we were all so happy for her. We had a great time! We checked Autumn out of school a little early and headed to the Gardens. We were a little early, so we took a detour to Whole Foods Market. It was Bonnie and Autumn's first time in a Whole Foods. It is so much fun to look at all the different foods they have to offer. Lots of healthy and unique stuff! When we arrived at the Botanical Gardens, we found the art, ooohhhed and aaahhhed over Autumn's creation, glanced at the other pieces of artwork being displayed and enjoyed a cookie and a glass of lemonade. We then headed out to wander around in the Gardens. Although it is not Spring, there was still a lot of beautiful things to see. We particularly enjoyed the Asian section. We teased that we "got lost" on the trail because it was so long. Poor Bonnie and her heals....she didn't complain once though and she looked so pretty. :) All in all, it was quite a memorable experience and such fun to have girlie time with my sister and niece.

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Linda said...

How fantastic. You are a Sweetie to share with us. Love, Mom