Monday, August 8, 2011


I feel like I haven't posted in ages!  We have had so much going on...and unfortunately a whole lot of sick days! :(  I have pictures and stories I want to share and archive, but just don't have the energy right now to upload them.  I haven't even taken Ashlyn's 11 month onesie pictures yet and she'll be a whole year old in just two weeks!  My busy time at work has just arrived and I think I've missed more days in the last two weeks than I have in the last two months.  We had to cancel the open house last Sunday because David and I were sick.  Ashlyn missed her first day at her new preschool today thanks to a weird fever.  It gets really high for an hour, then completely disappears???  We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon.  Maybe he can give her something for this awful congestion and cough.  We've had some fun times with family and friends too though!  I've been chasing my baby all around as she toddles!  Yes!!! She is walking now!  She is eating Big Girl Food now too!  She still loves that bottle though.  Wants absolutely nothing to do with the sippy cup...unless you count watching the water drip out as she hangs it upside down.  I've been working on planning her 1st Birthday PRINCESS Party!  She gets to pick the theme for all her future birthday parties...but this one is MINE! :)  I think she will like it!  I think nap time is over now...time to go! :)

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