Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Ryan is growing fast...

Just an update on Baby Ryan and her Mommy and Daddy -
Daddy is working too hard (as usual), but he joined a softball team, so he is having some fun too now!
Mommy is feeling better now that I figured out that if I sleep propped up in bed (pretty much upright in a sitting position) that I don't get sick in the morning....Yeah! Oh the joys of pregnancy! Ha Ha!
Baby Ryan is growing like a weed! We are working on finding a name for her. I found a set of crib bedding that I fell in LOVE with! They are holding it for me at a store in Vestavia Hills, so I am going to get it tomorrow. Here is a picture of the bedding I chose. It is called Heaven Sent Girl:And the most fun news of all...I FELT THE BABY LAST NIGHT! Just a couple days shy of 20 weeks, I finally felt my little angel. I woke poor David up in the middle of night to tell him, but he was excited.
Gracie was laying on my tummy and apparently that made Baby Ryan squirmy. :) I wonder what Gracie will do when she can feel Baby Ryan???

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Kristen Love said...

Aww...I'm so excited you felt the baby :-) And I LOVE the bedding! Very pretty!