Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Stuff

Just some random stuff...

 My view in the morning.  I was at a stop light - don't worry - I wasn't taking pictures while we were moving.
 I made my first bib!  I think it turned out pretty!  I have a Roll Tide Baby!!!
 She's not unhappy, she just hadn't really woken up yet.  She takes after her Mom-not a morning person.
 I added these little buttons to give to someone in their baby shower gift.  The plain white is just too boring.  I LOVED these little shirts when Ashlyn was a newborn!!!  I could throw it on her quickly with just her diaper and wrap her up and didn't worry about her umbilical cord being pulled.  What can I say - I'm a paranoid first time Mom.
 Ashlyn is rocking her beach gear!  Ready for the beach this summer!!!
 Going to stay the day with GrandMary for President's Day.
Just in case you were wondering - NO she DID NOT ride in the front seat...we just put her there while we moved seats up and installed the base for the car seat - she totally LOVED it up front though.  She thinks she is a Big Girl already.  Sorry - you don't get to be a Big Girl 'till you wear Big Girl panties!

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