Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still catching up...

Bath Time with Daddy!!!

Where there is can usually find Bones.
Bones was supervising...
 What...this rabbit isn't for chewing???
 Not too keen on the rinsing off part! :)
 Tom came by to check her out...

 I was so proud of Tuscaloosa!!!!...snow on the ground and...wait for it....actually FUNCTIONING!  I couldn't believe it!!!!
 First time using a spoon.  This was some seriously liquidy rice cereal, but I didn't want to make it too thick since we had just started adding it to her bottle a few days before.
 Looking lovely!  Ha Ha! - P.S.  I have started using bibs...but we were going straight to bath time from here, so who needs a stinky bib!

Nummy Nummy!!!
I LOVE this child's giggle!!!!! Forgive my high pitched baby talk voice and David's television show in the background.
Ashlyn's Daddy gave her a bug for Valentine's Day.  He put a squeaky bath toy in the little pouch and she LOVED both!!!!  Happy Valentine's Day to both my precious Valentine's!!!

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