Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mini Vacation...Part II's been a while...I've been otherwise occupied and pretty darn busy, but here is more narrative on our fun trip to Tennessee. I don't know why, but I always feel the necessity to take a picture of the entrance gates to just about everywhere we go on vacation. True to is a picture of the entrance gates to Dollywood.

The rides were actually very fun! I knew that Dollywood was known for their shows and the artsy craftsy spots where you can watch stuff being made the "Old Fashioned Way" and there were tons of shops and eateries, but the rides were nothing to sneeze at. The one in the picture below looks scarier than it was. It was raining, so we decided to ride as many rides as possible in the beginning, knowing that if the weather worsened, we could still do other things, but they would probably shut down the rides. I was pretty sore the next day from the roller coasters...I'm not as young as I used to be.

The picture below is from the show "Sha-Kon-O-Hey". It was a really good show. David enjoyed it also....I think he was surprised that he actually liked it. They had a lot of tumbling and acrobatics and they were pretty good singers.

After the show, we were starving, so we headed out to decide which one of the million places to eat we would choose. We found a place along the way selling pork rinds. As true southerners...we had to partake. They were YUMMY! and we were very glad we bought them on the way to eat lunch because they line was so long for food that we ate the entire bag before we even ordered. I know...that makes us sound like pigs....Ha Ha....I did that one on purpose. :)

You can't really tell from this picture, but David chose this HUMONGOUS sandwich for lunch. Of course, we had eaten an entire bag of pork rinds, so he couldn't finish the whole sandwich. He was excited about trying to though.

David loves 50's-60's cars. There was a part of the park that was dedicated to the 50's-60's. David had seen a Food Network show about this apple pie that was something like a foot in diameter...they bake it in a big cast iron skillet. He was determined that we would find the shop that sold these pies. We found it in this area. The ladies in the bakery were so proud that the pie had been featured on the food network show. David's eyes (and his smile) got huge when he saw the slice that this ENORMOUS pie makes. You would think we would have tried the pie, but no, we settled on a cinammon roll?!?! It was VERY good. Here is a picture of David checking out one of the old cars.

I did convince David to see one more show while we were there. It was called "Dreamland Drive-In". I can't say too much for the plot, but the music was great! Everybody was "Jumpin' and Jivin'".

We wandered around for a little while longer. We found this great little Irish shop. We looked all over the store for things saying "Ryan". We found a mug that we bought. I brought it to work with me so I can use it everyday. They also had a bunch of Heather scented items. They are very concerned with patriotism and helping the environment in Dollywood. They had an amazing Eagle sanctuary. There were a bunch of different kinds of eagles that for one reason or another needed to be cared for temporarily, or permanently in some cases. All in all, we really enjoyed our day in Dollywood. The day wasn't over yet though....more to come.

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Very cool, you gave a super presentation and it sounded like lots of fun.