Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're back! Mini Vacation Part I

I say "We're back!" with an exclamation point, but I don't really mean the exclamation point with all my heart. We could have stayed in Tennessee for much longer! It was beautiful. Most of the trip the weather was rainy and overcast, but that kept the temperature down. It was a WONDERFUL trip. We weren't rushed at all. I felt weeks and weeks of stress melt away. David and I REALLY! needed this trip. It was such a blessing that God worked everything out for us to be able to sneak away for those precious few days. We made lots of memories and enjoyed just being together with no one and nothing calling for our attention. Can I just say again that it was WONDERFUL!

We left at a reasonable hour of the morning on Saturday and grabbed breakfast on the way. It took us a while to hit Tennessee because the weather was pretty nasty for a little while on the interstate. Our plan was to try to make it to a magic show in Pigeon Forge before we checked into the hotel in Knoxville, but because of the time difference (Pigeon Forge and Knoxville are Eastern Time Zone), I realized we weren't going to get there early enough. No biggy. As we were driving I noticed the famous "See Ruby Falls" and "See Rock City" signs along the interstate. We decided we would "See Ruby Falls". We both had been as children...but let's face it. That was a long time ago. This is a picture of us in this cute little spot they made in the line for you to take a picture while you wait to get tickets.

As you can see, it was Saturday and our BIG appointment that had to be kept was the one with the television to watch the Alabama vs. VA Tech game. Just in case anyone missed the game.....we WHOOPED them! Well maybe not whooped, but we won just the same. This next picture was our favorite rock formation in the cave on the way to the falls.
Roll matter what state we are in! We had fun investigating the cave on the way to see the big attraction...with the help of our hilarious tour guide. His humor was so dry and I found him absolutely hilarious. I know everyone else, including David thought I was nuts. Maybe I was just tired. :)
Finally....the big's hard to take a good picture of the falls because they have this crazy light show going on, but it is really amazing to see one of the wonders of God's creation.
I feel very small when I look out over God's creation because it reminds me of just how BIG our God really is. He created this amazing planet with all these anomalies and uniquenesses and each of those differences were on purpose. Reminds me that when things don't always go quite as planned, that maybe it was on purpose.

Well, I have to get back to my crazy daily grind, but this is not the end of our trip...more to come!

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Linda said...

Oh Heather how beautiful. I am so thankful for both of you and this much needed trip. Blessings to you both.