Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mini Vacation...Part III....Grand Finale

We finished off our exciting...rain filled day with a visit to "The Dixie Stampede". It was so much fun!!! It is dinner theatre at it's best! least at it's dustiest! You aren't supposed to take pictures, but I think it is more about not having your flash on because of the horses....anyway, I don't think Dolly will be visiting my site, so what she doesn't know will provide enjoyment to those who check my blog. :) The picture below is near the beginning of the show. The whole "plot" centers around the battle between the North and South in the Civil War. I won't say too much because I wouldn't want to ruin the show for anyone who may get to go see it.

The whole deal with dinner is that there is no silverware. I was totally ok with this until they proceeded to plop this big bird on my plate. I looked at David and asked, "How am I supposed to eat this?" He just looked at me like I was being silly. My problem is that I can barely eat with silverware without most of my meal ending up on the front of my I was supposed to eat everything with no silverware and not be wearing it by the end of the show. You aren't even really paying attention to your food because you are watching the horses and riders. They are amazing!

I took a picture of this for those family members living out west. This reminded me of all of you! :)

And, last but not least....there has to be a patriotic ending and a reminder that we are no longer the North and South, but one Grand Country that, I for one, am very proud to be a citizen of....the United States of America.

I have been a Dolly fan my whole life. I had a cassette tape (I know, I'm showing my age here) of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers that I played into the ground. I knew every word to every Dolly song. I watched her movies. I loved her then and I still do. I think she is an amazing lady with an amazing story. I didn't know this until we visited Dixie Stampede, but Dolly has arranged for every child born in her county to receive a book a month from the month of their birth until they are five years old as part of her Literacy Campaign. Cool, huh?

We had a wonderful trip...made lots of memories...had fun together....and got some much needed down time. Hopefully we can do it again real soon.
The End.

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