Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bones... actually in a good mood. Bones had the inevitable visit to the vet where HE became an IT. Poor baby, but it had to be done. It was pretty funny when I handed him to the vet assistant yesterday morning he was purring. I told her he didn't know what was coming. He was still a little disoriented when we got him home, but otherwise in a perfectly good mood. I don't know what will actually phase him. He takes showers, eats dog food, plays with dogs (one of whom is scared of him), drinks water from the Christmas tree stand, and is perfectly happy after THAT surgery?!?! Crazy cat!
I finally pulled all the data from my phone onto my flashdrive, and I found this random video. This is some bagpipers playing at a UA Football game. My Mom and Grandparents will definitely get a kick out of this. Sorry the sound quality is not so great. Can't expect too much from a cell phone.

I will eventually get the data off my camera, then we will be in business!


Linda said...

You are quite correct, your Mom likes it. I'll let Your Granny hear it during her next visit here. Love You

Linda said...

You are responsible kitty cat parents. Bones is such a cutie, we love your videos.