Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cesar to the rescue...we hope...

The title is referring to Cesar Millan...the dog whisperer. Our canines are out of control! We are recarpeting the bedrooms at the first of the year, so we have decided that the dog's have to live outside permanently. This is going to be a feat. We have one with anxiety and aggression problems and one with territorial problems. One seems to be well adjusted, if not a little depressed having to live with the aforementioned two. David and I agree we are 100% to blame for their behavior problems, so we are taking action. I purchased Cesar's book and we will give it our best! Bryant is getting the nip it surgery the first week of 2010, so hopefully that will help. Our plan is to attempt the construction of dog houses this weekend. Wish us luck! We are going to have such good doggies in the end....we hope....please pray! I'll leave you with a few photos of our babies...Wasn't Holly such a cute puppy!?!?

This is the reason we don't have many pictures of Buddy...they all turn out like this. :)

Holly and Bryant
He loved taking this picture...Ha Ha!

Bryant reminds me of snoopy in this one.

Buddy captured on his way to come sniff the camera and give Mommy kisses.

Holly relaxing on the patio.

Bryant's curious face.

Gracie with her usual "You stupid dogs" look on her face. She's not a big fan of the big furry creatures she has to live with.

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Linda said...

Y'all are so cute. I love reading your entries. Blessings and success to you both.