Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Girl Ryan has arrived!

Our precious baby girl has arrived! Ashlyn was born on Monday, August 23rd at 6:06pm by cesarean section. She was 8 lbs. 15.7 oz. (we're calling it an even 9 lbs) and 19 inches long. She is perfect! Thank God everything went very smoothly. At my 37 week appointment, the doctor diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia and said it would be best for us to schedule an induction. I hadn't progressed at all, so the doctor prepared us for the likelihood that this would turn into a c-section. We went to the hospital on Sunday the 22nd to start the induction process. They started a Pitocin drip on Monday morning at 7:30. At 4:30 pm I still had not dilated at all, so we called it a failed induction and prepared for a c-section. Shortly after, we were holding our baby girl in our arms and it has been so wonderful! We got home Thursday, the 26th around 3:30pm. We introduced Ashlyn to Gracie and Bones. It really was quite funny. They were less interested in the new addition and more interested in letting us know how mad they were that we hadn't been home in several days. They have been adjusting to sharing their space with Ashlyn very well. We are so blessed to have Ashlyn in our lives! We are so excited to watch her grow into the special person God made her to be.
37 weeks
38 weeks (last day of pregnancy)
Meeting my baby girl!
Our Family.
Gracie meeting Ashlyn.
Bones meeting Ashlyn.

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