Monday, August 2, 2010

Date Night

This weekend was pretty great! Friday night we got home from work and David and I decided we "wanted to do something fun", so Date Night it became. What better to do than dinner and a movie?!?! It's one of our favorite things to do anyway. We kinda forgot people are starting to move into apartments, etc. around campus, so every restaurant we went to had at least a 45 minutes wait. Good thing we started early. We finally settled on LongHorns. It was quite yummy and I ate way too many carbs in the Cheese Fries appetizer! We headed to the movie theater which was pleasantly not busy and got our tickets to see Inception. It was good, but really kinda freaky. We are really enjoying our alone time together. It is sinking in that this alone time together is fleeting quickly. I will miss it just being me and David, but we are ready for Miss Ashlyn to make her debut. Saturday was one of the laziest days we have had all year! We went for lunch and I wasn't feeling too well afterward, so we went home and I laid down. I ended up calling the Dr. because I knew my blood pressure was up and I started having blurry vision, but it all settled down, so I called into the office today and they will decide if they want to see me at some point this week. I feel ok now. I actually felt better by Saturday early evening and felt pretty good Sunday too. We managed to get a good bit of stuff done on Sunday and I started to wash baby stuff and plan for what to pack in my hospital bag. I had no idea this packing thing would be so hard. I've read packing lists online, etc, but I still have no idea what to put into that bag. I'm not having near as much trouble with Ashlyn's bag. I just have to finish washing her stuff before I can put the little outfits in there. :) It won't be too long now. We're getting close to being ready.

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