Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catching up post

So this has been a pretty crazy week! Sunday, my Mother-in-law and her best friend hosted a baby shower for me. It was so sweet. David's Aunt, Cousin and Second Cousin were able to come, as well as, David's business partner's wife (and my friend) and her Mother-in-law, and Teresa's daughter. We all had a good visit and I got some beautiful gifts. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and they were so sweet to make the trip out. Monday was David's 30th Birthday! I told him he is officially an old man now! We went to Outback to celebrate. I was VERY disappointed that they discontinued their Crab Legs and Steak special. I am so disappointed that I will probably write in and tell them how disappointed I am. I had my 36 week OB appointment Monday also. We didn't really get a good report on my blood pressure. I was instructed to limit my work to 1/2 days. Seriously...they tell me I'm trying to do too much and that is why my blood pressure is high, then they tell me that the 8 million things that have to get done and I have to be the one to do have to get done in a 1/2 day now and supposed to lower my blood pressure???? What world do Dr.'s live on? I have taken the instructions very seriously though. I have left work early every day and gone home and taken a nap. I am trying to rest more and keep my feet up. I have some serious elephant ankles. I tried to take a picture, but the camera just doesn't do my massive ankles (and now my calves and knees) justice. David has been thoroughly entertained by the pitting edema in my feet - he pushes down on my foot or leg and it stays for a minute. It really is quite gross to me. Anyway, needless to say time has been limited for me this last week, trying to get everything tied up in a nice little neat bow and ready for our baby girl to arrive. We'll know more about what the Dr. plans as far as if it will be better for me to be induced, etc. on Tuesday. We have an ultrasound scheduled and a non-stress test before the Dr.'s appointment. I am excited to see pictures of our baby girl again. Soon we'll be seeing her on the outside! :)

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