Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas with the family

Last night, we went to Birmingham to visit that side of the family.  I've been blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with my sister and nieces and nephew as of late, so we just made a quick stop to drop presents off to them.  I couldn't wait to watch them open them!  I LOVE watching them open their gifts.  Their little faces light up and all the thought I put into each one suddenly seems SO worthwhile!  It thought it was funny how much they loved their socks! :)  I got Autumn Hannah Montana socks, Shelby got Princess socks and Hayden got Justice League socks.  I got them real presents too...I just threw the socks in there for fun, but they loved them!  Ha Ha!  They all got their Ashlyn hugs for Christmas...except Bonnie who wasn't feeling top notch.  I hate that we didn't get pictures.  We stopped by my Dad's house and watched Top Chef for a little while and visited with them.  My Dad's Dupeytren's Contracture is getting so bad.  It makes me sad to see the hands that were once so incredibly creative and inventive with this terrible disease.  He said he would talk to the doctor about the new medicine they have come out with that could help him avoid surgery.  I hope he does.  I tried to clean the house a little when I got home...our house is a disaster area right now!  I am SO looking forward to sleeping a little late tomorrow and cleaning the house.  I have GOT to get the laundry done and I haven't even pulled out the luggage to pack for our Oklahoma trip.  Happy Christmas Eve Eve to everyone!

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