Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Big Girl

Ashlyn slept in her crib in her own room on Sunday night.  I was so proud of her!  I think she liked the extra room to stretch.  She is a whopping 26 inches and 16lbs 10oz, so needless to say...she is quickly outgrowing her mini crib in our room.  She is solidly holding her own bottle now too (unless she is overly tired or doesn't feel well).  She laughs and grins and giggles and my favorite - she looks up from underneath those very long, very thick, beautiful eyelashes and, I swear, she bats them.  She is sitting up very well now - not quite on her own yet, but she only needs a little help to balance.  She still refuses to roll over, but the doctor says she is on track developmentally so not to worry.  She is so content in her bed.  She has been waking up at 2 am for the last week and a half and she just makes her noises and plays with her hands and feet until around 5 am.  She takes an hour "nap" and she's back up at 6 am to eat.  She whines when her paci falls out of her mouth and that wakes me up, but other than that...she is perfectly happy.  Her preschool teacher saw her doing it today and commented on how hard she is studying those little hands.  She said it looks like she is trying to count her fingers.  I think we have a little investigator on our hands.  She pays such close attention to everything and I know she is just soaking it all in.  I'm excited to see who her little personality will take after.  David and I are pretty much complete opposites - I love to talk to new people and David is a listener when he is around new people.  We'll see - for now Ashlyn LOVES to "talk".  She loves to scream at the top of her lungs - you'd think she was crying, but she is smiling while she does it.  If she isn't doing that - she has this grunting sound - kind of sounds like a mix between trying to clear your throat and trying to poop.  She isn't doing either - I think she just likes the way it feels.  It is quite entertaining.

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