Monday, September 26, 2011

Watermelon, Stairs, Playing in the Pool and Miniature Books

Pictures are my favorite part about the blog and there are a bunch in this post. :o)  Mostly just random stuff from the last few months.

 She wasn't so sure about this watermelon stuff...
 Daddy says, "I'll eat it if you don't..."
 "Ok...I'll try it."  Watermelon was a big hit. LOL
 Steps all by herself (with very careful 2 inches behind her supervision).

 Yep.  She climbed every single one of these steps on her own to make it to Uncle Joe!
The Champion of the Day...Miss Ashlyn Ryan!
 My itty, bitty, teeny, weeny (well not yellow polka dot) bikini.
 "Where does the water keep going?"

 "Oh...that's where the water is going!"

 Ashlyn LOVES playing in the water...she will play in it as long as you will let her!
 Thank you Granny for my miniature books.  She loves them!  They are just her size!

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