Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clean Mama

Anyone who has ever known me has known pretty quickly that I'm a little on the side of OCD...and I LOVE lists!  Crossing a line through an item on a list gives me such a feeling of accomplishment!  It multiplies the enjoyment of finishing an item when I can look back at the list and see all the items crossed off.  You don't need to tell me....I already know I'm weird!  Honestly, I mostly have all these checklists because I'm terrible at remembering.  I'm a posti-note freak too!  :)  I came across Clean Mama's Blog a while back and have really enjoyed the great ideas she has about cleaning and organization!  I am addicted to Word and Excel, (have been for years!) so I've had several checklists going for a really long time, but they aren't nearly as pretty as the ones that Clean Mama has available in her Clean Mama Printables Etsy Shop.  People have commented about how they "need a checklist like that one" to me before, so if your interested, here is your chance to purchase an even better document than I've ever created.  You can print them out as many times as you need to and she even has editable documents available!  Happy Organizing!

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