Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A few last items left to be caught up...

David got to play softball with the First Wesleyan crew this season.  He had a blast!!!  They were champions of their section...or something like that...honestly I couldn't tell you exactly what they were champions of, but they got a big, huge trophy to display behind the glass at church, so they were proud and I was happy for them!

Sadly, the VERY LAST GAME of the tournaments at the end of the season, David fell and tried to catch his fall with a straight, locked arm.  That was last Tuesday, October 25th.  By Thursday he'd had X-rays at the Chiropractor who sent him to get an MRI at the Radiology Clinic who then sent him to the ER to get a splint for his BROKEN ELBOW.  :(  We are very thankful that the fracture was non-displaced, so he doesn't need surgery for the fracture.  We had an appointment today with Dr. Casey at Andrews Orthopaedic Center over at St. Vincent's in Birmingham.  She gave him the ok to lose the splint which he was VERY HAPPY about!  She said the ligament in his elbow looked fine.  She checked out his wrist and shoulder and reported that she is almost 100% sure that he, at least partially, tore the cartilage on the outside of his wrist, so he is now in a brace.  He is prescribed physical therapy twice a week for the next 3-4 weeks.  Hopefully that will help the elbow, as well as the wrist and shoulder to heal.  We are praying for a full and speedy recovery with as little pain as possible!

We bought Ashlyn a little Carhardt outfit to go with her little Cowgirl boots.  She LOVES her boots.  She will bend down and investigate the stitching and it just cracks us up!

I loved this picture of Ashlyn in one of her little "Gameday Outfits" that "Aunt" Teresa made for her for her birthday.  I love the adoring look that she is giving her Daddy.  She truly does adore him!  Such a Daddy's Girl! :)

 Lastly, but definitely not least, we (Me, Ashlyn, and my little neicy Shelby) got to attend my little cousins 5th Birthday Party.  He had a Pirate Theme and you should see the cake that his MaMaw (my cousin Becky) made.  She sculpted a pirate ship out of cake, complete with little miniature Goldfish swimming in the icing sea around the cake.  She is so talented...and the test of a true pastry chef...she tasted great!  We were really late because I didn't plan so well for the trip to Huntsville - but we still got some time to visit and had a great time!  I love hanging out with the Huntsville crew.  I wish I got to see them more often!

 The "Next Generation"!  We are missing a couple of the kiddos, but these are the children of all us cousins that grew up together!  I just can't get over how crazy it feels that we are all the parents now.  Ha Ha!

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