Friday, March 30, 2012

East Coast Adventure

David needed to take a quick trip to Orland Beach, Florida (near Daytona Beach) to pick up a piece of equipment that they had ordered....and he was so sweet to invite me and Ashlyn to tag along!  We packed so much into those short couple days!!!

 Ashlyn looking out over the Atlantic Ocean for the first time ever!
 Ashlyn not being so very happy with her first view of the Atlantic Ocean - she clung to David like her very life depended on looks like it, but she wasn't actually crying in this picture, she was squinting from the sun.  I tried to put her sunglasses on her multiple times, but just like hats, she wants absolutely nothing to do with them!
 East Coast Weekend Getaway 2012 Family Picture
 She eventually warmed up to the sand - but she never warmed up to the ocean.
 It was a little rainy on Saturday afternoon, so we drove into Orlando to visit Walt Disney World!
 We are still saving the first trip inside the real Disney World until Ashlyn is a little older - but in the mean time, we visited Downtown Disney!

 Yes...Ashlyn did insist on pushing her own stroller for almost half the time we were there.  She would get so mad when we are steering the stroller because she thought we were about to make her stop pushing it so we compromised and David pulled it to steer and I walked behind to make sure Ashlyn didn't get lost since she can't actually see over the top of the stroller.
 This was as close as we got to Mickey ears on her...she really hates hats - even the cute mickey ears hats. :o(
 Daddy helping Ashlyn color while we waiting for our lunch Sunday.
 The new trick David taught Ashlyn-he stretches and makes the stretching sound and Ashlyn imitates him.  So funny!  She loves to copy Daddy!
 No footprints pictures this time - so I took a picture of David's shoes - he stuck Ashlyn's shoes inside his for safekeeping. :-)

We finally got her playing in the sand!!!  Her hand is reared back because she is about to chunk a big handful of sand!  We may regret teaching her that-but she sure did have fun.  One step, pick up handful of sand, second step, throw the sand, third step, pick up handful of sand, fourth step, throw the sand - we did that for a long time...then was time to go back home.  Hopefully we'll get to have another adventure very soon!

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