Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New and Improved

Well, maybe it's not new, but here's the pictures of our improved house FOR SALE!!! I know someone wants to buy our house...I'm not sure when, but surely one day someone will want to see our house...right???

And the biggest improvement....THE BACKYARD!!!

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I'm Cindi... said...

Whew! Girl, I had some major catching up to do! I "follow" along, but I still have to actually click on your blog address to see all of your posts, and it had been a few weeks since I "clicked". Anyway, (1) the house looks awesome!! Sell that house, Lord. I know You will!, (2) Yeah, Jake has been know to let the "d" word fly, and that one would be courtesy of me, and (3) you're totally making me want to go to the beach right this second. I keep telling myself June isn't very far away. :) Enjoyed catching up today...as always. :) ~Cindi