Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy Bees

Boy, I am a busy bee today! I hit the ground running this morning. I have a ton of stuff at work to tie up before I leave for the rest of the week and with Larry's passing, that added more to do yesterday, so I am still playing catch up. Thankfully, my Mother-in-law graciously helped me with the dogs yesterday. She and her friend took the dogs to a wonderful vet in town, who agreed to take care of the dogs until other arrangements can be made. That saved me the biggest headache in the world! Five dogs in a house is absolutely TOO MANY! I have all my lists in place and I'm ready to get stuff done! Maybe all the exclamation points are from one too many cups of coffee this morning. :o) All we have packed so far is bathing suits. I guess that's really the most important thing at the beach, but, of course, I made a list for all the rest of the stuff we need. I have a shopping list for all the stuff we are about to run out of. I haven't had time to go the grocery store in way too long! I think we can squeeze one more brushing's worth out of the toothpaste container, if we are lucky that is. David washed all the laundry last night and started cleaning up the house. I am such a lucky girl! I am so ready to be past all the getting ready and actually BE on the vacation!

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