Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy Two Weeks!

This has been a CRAZY two weeks for me and David! We are happy to announce that we are now business owners. We finalized everything this past Thursday. David will give notice at his current place of employment and very shortly will be running our company. The company is a cafe inside of Shelton State Community College called "Poppy's Cafe". We are definitely excited that everything has worked out so far, but we know we have a TON of work ahead of us.

In addition to running Poppy's, David and his friend have gone into partnership to start a FANTASTIC new catering busines. If you know anyone who needs a good caterer, you know one now. :) The name is "a tavola Catering" and we are all really excited to get going.
This weekend I went to Birmingham to pick up my step-sister Lindsey. She is staying with me and David for the week. I will take her back on Friday (my first off day since we went to the beach). I got to hang out with my sister, Bonnie and the fam. I always have fun with her and her kids. The picture below is one from a couple weekends ago. Aren't those the cutest kids ever! I know, I'm biased. I can't say there is much more in the world that I love more than having all three of those kids in my lap. They are the best!

This is a little video of the slip and slide fun. Sorry the feed is a little slow. Kids crack me up!

Update on the car: My poor baby had major surgery. She now has a brand new clutch. She is happy, but my wallet is not. She drives like new now though. I guess I'll keep her around a while longer.

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