Monday, June 8, 2009

Crazy Kids

Well, this weekend was relatively uneventful. David and I worked most of the weekend. We did get to spend some quality time together Sunday morning. We had breakfast at lunchtime at Cracker Barrell and then my sweet husband took me shopping for a new bathing suit for our beach trip. We both ended up getting a new suit so we would each have two with us. There are few things worse than putting on a cold, still wet bathing suit because you don't have another one with you.

Saturday, after I finished working, I drove over to my sister's house to spend time with her and her kids. They were hillarious, as usual. They jumped on the trampoline for a while and then I got the racquets and racquetball out of my trunk. After a stern lecture about sharing and reinterating a couple times that I would take the racquets away if they couldn't take turns, they ran off and played until the ball ended up on the roof of the house. I laughed when they came to tell me the ball was on the roof because that is always where our balls ended up. It was like getting new toys all over again when my Dad fetched all the toys from the roof.

I love spending time with my sister. My Mom and Dad used to yell at us for fighting when we were little and told us over and over again that God put us to together, as sisters, because he intended for us to be best friends. Our parents were right. Just like all adult siblings, we've had our ups and downs, but I thank God that he sent me Bonnie. She truly is a best friend.

After giving and getting lots of hugs and kisses, I headed back home. It was a good trip.
Shelby wanted a picture with their dog so bad :) She was trying to make him smile.

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