Tuesday, May 18, 2010

24 weeks

Wow...I can't believe it has been almost six months! I took another belly picture last week, but it's still on my camera, so I'll have to post it next time. I definitely look pregnant now....better than just looking fat. =)
This past weekend the MIL and I started shopping for the nursery. We got the paint and a shelf (the shelf's going back...wrong wood stain...I'm picky, what can I say?) We got letters for Ashlyn's name to be hung above her crib! Those are going back too because I want something cursive. Trial and error...that's how I roll.
I got two absolutely adorable picture frames. One say's "Love at first sight" and it has her ultrasound picture. I grow to love this little child more and more every day. I am so blessed that God is allowing me to raise a child. I know this child is not ours...she is God's child and we are being given the honor and privilege of raising her.
I finally got a chance to fill out a registry on Babies R' Us. It's mostly the big stuff we need. I dragged David to Target on Sunday to help me fill out the baby registry there. Babies sure do need a lot of stuff. I let David use the gun...good thing I could alter it online...he was randomly shooting things at one point. I may be wrong, but I don't think we'll need a pair of 18 mo. shorts (at least they were pink) and 3 bottle brushes.
I don't think nesting has set in yet, but I think since I'm feeling better, the OCD is setting in a little more and the disarray and disorganization of the house is driving me insane! I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom this weekend. Yesterday I worked through lunch and left early to work on business stuff at home. Thank God for the focus I had yesterday because I really needed to catch up! Yeah! David and Jamey had to go to Georgia today to have the kitchen trailer "re-skinned", so God-willing (and my lower back), today I will finish the laundry and have clean floors once again!
On another note...we have a new baby! Not really since I won't let him in the house, but he decided to call our house home and we are feeding him, so I guess that means he's ours for now. His name is TomCat (we call him Tom). He is definitely a tomcat and the most scraggly looking black cat I've ever seen. He has the girliest meow and he will rub on your leg when you walk through the garage, but don't let him fool you into thinking he's sweet. If you try to pet him, he'll let you know he can touch you, but doesn't want you to touch him.

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Linda said...

You are so funny, I love Your writing. I haven't even tried to find my blog since my computer crash a while back. Enjoy.