Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Faith that Moves God's Heart"

I have loved to hear and learn more about David for a long time...yes, my husband, but I'm talking about the David of the Bible.  The "Man after God's Own Heart".  Was he a perfect man?  No...not by any stretch of the imagination!  He committed some pretty serious sins in his lifetime...but yet, God continued to pour His favor out on David.  The reason...David believed God would take care of him!  He didn't just tell himself that and figure out a way to get what he wanted himself...no, he believed, deep down to the depths of his heart, that God was able to give him what he needed - so much so, that if God didn't provide it, he was at peace knowing that it wasn't for him to have.  Wow!
My daily emailed devotion this morning really hit home and I wanted to share a quote from it -
"God is calling me to a higher place of faith.  It's a place where I believe God can and will provide for me.  And therein lies the hard place.  I've anchored my life in the belief that God can do anything, but somehow feel presumptuous believing He will for me.
That's doubt masquerading as false humility.  And that, my friends, saddens God and limits His work in my life." - Glynnis Whitwer Encouragement for Today Devotion
My heart was moved by this.  I think it would be safe to call me "high strung".  I worry too much.  I'm working on it with God's help - but I know that is an indicator that I am lacking faith in God's provision.  I admit, I have oftentimes convinced myself that my doubt was really just feeling "presumptuous" that a good thing I wanted would be provided by God - so I set about figuring out a way to get it on my own.  It has come back to bite me many times over.  I am trying to learn my lesson.  I am trying to rest in God's peace.  He will provide - He always has!  I pray that God will give me a heart like David's.

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