Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jam Packed Weekend

Thursday evening -  we busted out Ashlyn's new pool!  She LOVED it!  She had gotten a pretty bad case of diaper rash, so we let it all hang out for a while (that's why she isn't wearing a bathing suit).  Her diaper rash looks so much better now!
I took a PG version of her playing in the pool so I could share online.  I wish you could see her face.  Her expressions are priceless!
Friday - Mommy and Daddy had date night!  We went to dinner at Logan's and then went to see a movie.
Saturday - We slept in a little late, then decided to take the boat out to the river.   We had so much fun!  Ashlyn generally falls right to sleep as soon as the boat starts going - seems strange to me because it is kind of loud, but it's not as loud for her facing the opposite direction being held in my arms.  Her little hairs just flap in the wind..it's so cute!

 She just looks so tiny next to Daddy and the boat!
 This little beach area (just one of many along the riverside) was just perfect.  Ashlyn liked it as long as she could touch the bottom with her toes or if someone was holding her.  She can float in her little swimmy suit...but she's not a fan of that!

 She loved her little floaty!  By this point we were all hot and tired and she was hungry - so we fed her and packed it all up to head back.
 She zonked out in about 30 seconds flat!
 At home after I finally woke up from my nap.  Daddy says - "Look!  It's a 'Playbunny!'"  We all thought it was pretty funny that the bunny ears stick to the diaper.  :o)
Saturday evening - David and I worked late into the night finishing up projects around the house and cleaning like mad people to get the house ready for an Open House on Sunday.  The constant cleaning is a little irritating...but I sure am enjoying have a clean house everyday!
Sunday - We continued to clean like mad people!!!  We took the dogs over to Mary and Chuck's house and GrandMary watched Ashlyn while Mommy and Daddy ran some errands.  Open House went ok.  Our realtor said we had a few visitors.  I hope we don't have to do too many Open Houses...on the bright side, our back yard hasn't been this presentable in about 4 years!  It's not pretty...but it's definitely presentable!
 Look who's learning to use a sippy cup!  Right now she just mostly chews on it.  She has already cut another tooth!  We found it Sunday.  It's her bottom right tooth.

At last but not least...Ashlyn's Nine Month Onesie pictures.

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