Saturday, October 15, 2011

1st Birthday Post - a little belated I know...

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I have finally stolen a moment to share our First Annual Birthday Shutterfly Photobook. Hopefully I'll get to do one of these each year. We enjoyed Ashlyn's First Birthday so much! I hope she had some fun too! She had a special little outfit to wear to school since her birthday was on a weekday. David and I both took off work a little early to spend her special day with her. We went home and let her open the presents we had gotten for her and the ones that her "Oklahoma Family" had sent to her. She really enjoyed tearing the paper....and yes...she liked the ribbon and paper better than alot of the toys. Ha Ha! I baked her a homemade birthday cake - complete with made from scratch icing. Maybe through the years they will begin to look better, but believe it or not it actually tasted really good. :) We had dinner at home as our new little family. I LOVED it! The weekend rolled around and we prepared for Ashlyn's "official" First Birthday Party. I chose a "Princess" theme with pink and purple. I was going for "as girly as it gets!" and I think I accomplished just that. MiMi and Papaw came early with Aunt Becca and helped decorate. GrandMary came early and was sent to the store to pick up all those essential items you "swore you got" when you were at the store last but now they aren't anywhere to be found. David prepared the most yummy menu! He grilled Hamburgers and Hotdogs...I know that sounds simple, but this man is a chef. We actually had someone from church say it was one of the best hotdogs they'd ever had. We had baked beans and potato salad and of course CAKE! I am always overwhelmed at how many people love and care for us! I am so grateful that Ashlyn is surrounded by people who love her and want to encourage her to excel in life! I am so grateful to each person who helped us throw our little shindig! It was kind of funny...Ashlyn had such a fun filled day and got so many wonderful gifts!!! - but she would open a gift and LOVE it...then we would take it away and give her another box. She was so funny! She actually got a little upset by the end of presents...she just didn't understand why we wouldn't leave her alone and let her play with her new toy. She was sleeping like a log before all the guests had even left. I know she won't remember her First Birthday Party, but we will and with tons of happy memories!

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