Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Technologically challenged...

I admit it...technology is changing faster than I can keep up. Now I know how all the old people felt when computers first started taking over the world! It is so frustrating to know the computer can do something, but not know how to make it do it...and of course each software program is just enough different that this one will do this thing, but that one will not. I have been struggling with our new camera. I love the pictures it takes...I don't love the massive size of the files that every single picture from Ashlyn's first birthday takes up. I've tried uploading this and downloading that...and Great News!!!! I finally figured out a way to reduce the size of the file. I'm having to upload the pictures to some software (that came with the camera and I FINALLY had time to download) and then I can download the pictures in a different, smaller file size, so that then I can upload them to the blog and email and all those places that have been just out of my reach since I took the pictures in August. I changed the setting on the camera when I first realized the files were creating this problem...but in the meantime, now you know why I've had no new blog entries lately. I have had to literally run in technological circles to get to use my pictures. So much to learn...so little time. I am uploading the last of the ones I picked for sharing to the software and tonight (hopefully I will have time) I will download them back in a smaller file size and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to share my precious, little baby girl's 1st birthday pictures. Say a little prayer that I don't throw the computer out the window during the process. :o)

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