Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Panoply 2012

This past weekend Huntsville, AL hosted the 2012 Panoply festival.  I wondered what "Panoply" meant...so I looked it up - "a wide-ranging and impressive array or display" is one of the definitions provided by Dictionary.com.  It was definitely that...I kept describing it "Like Kentuck - only bigger and a lot better..."  LOL!  David and their crew headed to Huntsville on Thursday to set up and get ready to sell some yummy food at the festival.  One of the employees told me that the inspector described their set-up as "the coolest and the cleanest".  Definitely a compliment in their line of business!  Ashlyn and I headed up Saturday to see David and check out the festival.

 Ready to open!

 Now tell me these Turkey legs don't look amazing!!!!  You can't tell in this picture, but they are huge!!! and they taste as good as they look, I promise!!!

Panoply recognizes that cooking is an art....Southern Dining won Best Entree for their Fried Gumbo!!!  So proud of them!  This 'plaque' is actually an original piece of art with the description of the award written on the back...that SDR drilled holes into so they could display their award...poor artist....it really is a pretty painting, but no one will ever see it. LOL!

My cousin Becky and her husband stopped by the tent, but I missed them. :-(  We were back at the hotel while Ashlyn napped.  She did great for the whole weekend, but being out in the heat and walking around and playing with everyone really drained her energy reserves!  She took two very long naps on Saturday and still fell fast asleep when I put her to bed that night!  I wish I'd been able to see my family while we were in town and it would be cool if we lived closer and could be more involved with them, but I just have to appreciate the times I DO get to see them more!

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