Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Newest Addition

We got this little baby a couple weeks ago. His name is Bones. My step-sister, Lindsey, named him. We were very concerned that our cat Gracie would try to make Bones miserable. We've previously had two other cats with Gracie and she drove the other cats close to insane. The aforementioned were female cats, so we had hopes that since Bones is a little boy cat, Gracie might take to him. He is growing on her. Bryant, one of our dogs, on the other hand, is a whole 'nother story. He pretends like he is going to make nice and play with Bones, then he goes crazy trying to eat him. We have to be very careful when they are together. Gracie, Bryant and Bones' behaviors have improved over the last couple of weeks, so it is getting better, slowly, but surely. Of our other two dogs, Holly could care less about him and Buddy, our 75 lb mutt is absolutely terrified of a 1.5 lb cat. He gets this really scared look on his face and runs the other direction the second he sees him. It really is quite funny.

I know David doesn't look like a big fan of the cat in this picture, but he was just tired from work. He and Bones have lots of fun playing together. This picture just shows how tiny he is. He is such a cutie pie. I love kitties. :)
Doesn't he look so sweet?!?! We are having fun with our new addition to the family. What's one more tiny little change when our whole lives are morphing.
David gave his official notice to work today. He will begin running Poppy's on the 20th of July. David and his partner have been working very hard to get everything running for a tavola Catering. We have a job booked for the end of July, so keep us in your prayers that we will get a lot of jobs and do really good work so that we get good word of mouth advertising.
I really should be in bed by now, but I actually get to sleep late tomorrow. The University is closed in observance of Independence day. YEAH! I really don't care that much if I have to work just about every day of the year, as long as I have a day every once in a while that I can sleep late. If I can sleep until around 10:00am, I'm a happy camper. David is replacing the water/cleaning the saltwater aquarium while I'm updating our blog. He is so proud of his aquarium. Sometimes he goes to check on his aquarium before I even get a hello kiss when he gets home. It looks beautiful. I will have to post a picture soon.
I guess it is time to call it a day. Goodnight.

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