Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Toothy!!!

Ashlyn's first tooth has made it's debut! Her bottom left toothy is barely poking out of the gum! She has been such a trooper through her teething so far. Poor baby girl has been teething since about 6 months, which is when we started looking for a tooth to pop through!
Hanging out with Daddy after Mommy fixed my hair!  I have the longest hair in my class!

 We lovingly refer the the pack and play as "Ashlyn's Cage".  She is scooting all around the room now.  She has the cutest little crawl!  She gets down on two hands one knee and keeps one foot flat on the floor and scoots her little self wherever she wants to go.
 I spent part of the day Saturday purging all the clothing items that don't fit Ashlyn any more from her room and reorganizing it.  I found this cute little bonnet that used to be Mary's when she was a baby.  I bleached the yellow from the material and lace and as I was doing that...I realized that the pattern matched a little dress that Richard and his Mary had given to Ashlyn before she was born.  The dress just started to fit her so we had a little photo shoot!

Snoozing after church Sunday while Mom and Dad eat lunch!  She's such a good baby!
 Couldn't help but add a comparison shot.  She is growing up so beautifully! Still pokes those cute little red lips out when she sleeps though! :)

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