Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

To all those who serve or have served in the Military and your families:
Thank you! Those two words can't really begin to say enough! I am forever grateful for the multitude of sacrifices that have been made to give me the freedom to live my life as I choose. You are my heroes!

This weekend was jam packed..and I don't have a single picture. :) Every year I spend half the fireworks show trying to take a picture that turns out, but this year I didn't even pull out the camera. Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed over the David's Mom's house with a full trailer of junk...David and Chuck then added Chuck's junk to the pile in the trailer and they headed off to the dump. Yeah! Now I'm beginning to see the floor again in the garage! Maybe one day a car will fit in there again. :) I lounged on the couch while Mary got ready and when David got back, we headed to Lowe's for some final odds and ends needed to TILE THE FLOOR! David, Joe and Mary, then just David and Teresa (a friend of Mary's) spent the day laying ceramic tile in the dining room and kitchen (and all the closets...that looked tricky!) I think it took David a solid 12 or 13 hours of pretty much non-stop work. They wouldn't let me do anything!!!...I take that back, I was in charge of drinks. Sunday morning we got up bright and early again and I headed down to Birmingham to see my Dad and his family. (Mary and Teresa were coming over to help David grout the tile. They weren't letting me help at home anyway, so it's not like I was missed all that much.) We ate lunch and the girls all headed down to the movie theater to see the much anticipated "Eclipse"...you know the "Twilight Saga". Lindsey and I got hooked on the books together, so we've seen all the movies together too. I enjoy the movies, but they just don't do justice to the books. When I got home, I was majorly impressed with the final product! David did such a good job! The color of the floor is lighter now, so it really brightens the room up! David got cleaned up and we headed out to Sokol Park to watch the fireworks show. We stopped and picked up some dinner to eat while we waited for the show to start. One of the local radio stations "synchronizes" music to the fireworks which I really enjoy. We turned the music on and then proceeded to turn it up a lot more because just our luck....we parked beside a family with a screaming infant. Not to be rude, but I have 9 weeks left of no screaming infant and I'm just not willing to give up a second of that silent time! I have two nieces and a nephew...I'm not stranger to screaming infants...I know what is headed my way! Monday, we slept a little later and took it a little easy. We worked on some smaller projects around the house and rented a movie (Shutter Island). Bad idea to fall asleep during that movie. Between normally weird pregnant lady dreams and whatever I was hearing from the movie as I slept...talk about some seriously freaky, weird dreams during that little nap. Back to regular life now. :)

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Linda said...

Your writing is so good. I am so thankful and so I sure is Your Dad that You know to be thankful and grateful to our Military folk. Bless You, glad you had fun and... got a new floor.