Friday, July 2, 2010

My 1st Baby Shower

Wednesday of this week, I was blessed with my first baby shower. My co-workers planned a little get together. I had so much fun and I was truly "showered" with gifts and good wishes! I am such a lucky girl to work with so many caring wonderful women! I told them I wouldn't post any pictures of them on the blog since I'm not sure who would be OK with being on the world wide web and who wouldn't, but here are a few pictures I can share:

Isn't' this cake so cute!

The gorgeous flowers!

This first gift made me cry! It was too sweet for words!

I didn't get a pictures with every gift, but you get the point. I told my boss that it felt like Christmas!

David and I put the bouncy seat together as soon as I got home! :)
Thank you can't begin to describe my gratefulness for all the sweet ladies coming to support me, David and Ashlyn and all the wonderful gifts that we received! We got blankets, diapers, toys, clothes (I'm talking tiny, adorable, pink outfits!), THE PACK and PLAY!, and more. My heart is overflowing!

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Linda said...

Oh how wonderful, what fun. I am so glad you are surrounded by caring people. Thank You for keeping me and Your Grandparents up on all that is going on. We love You