Monday, July 19, 2010

Overwhelmed by the thoughfulness around us...

For those of you who don't know...the beautiful lady pictured below is my sweet, sweet sister. She decided she wanted to throw me a little surprise baby shower. I already had plans to go visit with her this weekend. My lovely nieces and nephew were camping with their Nana, so it was just us adults.

I walked into her neighbor/best friend's house and was greeted by baby shower decorations! They were so sweet to do all this! They even went so far as to get a sugar free cake so I could eat some!
I got a bunch of fun gifts! This was one of my favorites! It is a teddy bear that plays "womb sounds". No...I was not hugging it, I was listening to the "womb sounds". I just wondered what exactly Ashlyn is hearing in there.

I knew that Mary and Teresa and David had planned to work on the nursery while I was gone. I arrived home to yet another surprise...they were done! We are missing some art to go on the walls, but that is it! I am so excited that Ashlyn's room is ready now! The curtains Teresa made are gorgeous. I think they are the nicest curtains I have ever owned. She is so talented! The polka dots are adorable! All three of them worked so hard all day! I am such a lucky girl!

As if they didn't have enough to do already, they finished painting where the refrigerator goes in the kitchen and where we didn't paint because we were going to do a backsplash. We will still do a backsplash, but who knows when. Mary (who is the one I always ask to arrange my furniture because it stresses me to no end to try to figure out where to put everything) rearranged the living room. I added a couple of my own touches (like moving the TV) and now the pack and play and Ashlyn's swing have homes of their own in the living room. We are truly starting to get ready for this little one's arrival. We are so blessed to have such sweet, thoughtful people in our lives to help us!

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Linda said...

You my Daughter are a very good writer. I loved reading about Your wonderful Sister and all the loving things she got together for You. You have blessed many and now they return the blessing. The room is beautiful, Mary and David did a great job. I will look forward to seeing it all in person very soon. I love You. Love, Mom