Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday!

I read another blog earlier today with an interesting perspective that I couldn't truly understand until this year.  Can you imagine what Jesus' Mom and God felt like?  Their Son was slandered, abused and crucified in front of their eyes.  I can't even begin to imagine...and God's love is so great for us and He was willing to make that sacrifice!
I once read an email about a disease that spread across the entire world.  They searched high and low for a cure and they needed a donor who was immune to the disease to complete the cure.  They tested everyone and finally found one little boy.  His parents were told that their little boy was the key to the cure and they were so excited and so proud.  Their little boy would save the entire world! They were presented with the forms to sign-and that is when they were they were told that since he was the only carrier...they would need ALL the blood.  Put into a modern's even harder to fathom the sacrifice that was made for us.
Today is a solemn day for me. Today I am focused on the massive price that was paid for my sins. Yes...Jesus died for everyone's sins, but he also died for MY sins. The one's I have committed caused a need for Him to DIE FOR ME so that He could wash my heart clean. What a love!... Today I am looking inside my heart and asking God to search my heart and show me the ugly things that need to be cleansed. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross.

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