Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tax Season

April 18th just a few years ago would have been a very different kind of day for me than it was this year.  Public accounting is a different kind of animal than industry accounting.  I am so very thankful that God has provided me with the job I have now.  I truly appreciate that I don't have to sacrifice time spent with my family for the first four months of the year.  This just reminds me that our prior experiences shape our perspective on future experiences.  Had I not had struggles in my past, the pleasures of the present wouldn't be as poignant.  I love the time in my life that I am in right now.  I love watching my little girl grow up.  I love supporting my husband in his endeavours.  I love that there is a new challenge always around the corner.  I am hard on myself alot...always have been.  I want to do everything perfectly and already know how to do it perfectly...but the truth is...life is a learning process.  I mess up...I learn...I grow....I try again.  There's only so many hours in the day...and sometimes you have to sacrifice finishing a project or cleaning the house or grocery shopping...so you can enjoy spending time and making memories with the ones you love.  Some days that's easier to do than others.  Some days it drives me crazy and I get completely overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done...but others I can just be content and know that I'll do all I can in one day...and the rest will wait.  I'm just trying to take one day at a time these days. :o)

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