Monday, April 25, 2011

What a busy weekend!

I seriously don't know if we could have crammed any more (mostly fun stuff) into this past weekend!!! We started off the craziness on Thursday at 7 am with a visit to the dermatologist for me to get a cyst in my back removed.  I've had it for over 10 years now and it had gotten quite it was time to say goodbye.  That went really well and I'll spare you the pictures, although I did get David to take some so I could see what was going on...I'm weird...I already know that.  Ashlyn had a fun packed day with GrandMary on Thursday and Friday!  She plays so hard when she is over there that she is Worn Out! when she comes home.  Saturday morning we got up bright and early to get ready to go to Easterfest.  Easterfest is a community outreach that our (new) church had done for the past few years.  It is a free event with lunch, inflatables and games and (this year a 10,000 egg!) Easter Egg Hunt.  We were told on Sunday that they felt that a safe, conservative estimate of the turn out was 2,300 people!!!!  It was great fun and Ashlyn participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt!  She got two for each hand and we left the rest for everyone else. :o)

 I thought Ashlyn would love the Duck Pond!  She absolutely LOVES her rubber duckies at home!  She just stood there and stared at the ducks in the pond until I picked one up.  She is so funny!

 I was so excited for her to wear her little outfit.  The front (below) and the back (above) says "Some bunny loves you"  I just loved the bunny on the back with the cottontail!

 Meeting the Easter Bunny!  She didn't cry...but she wasn't too sure about the big white furry thing in front of her.
We left Easterfest and headed up to New Market (close to Huntsville) to meet our "Long Lost English Cousin".  We had SO MUCH FUN!  It has been entirely too long since I've seen most of my Dad's side of the family and I missed them very much!  Most of them hadn't met Ashlyn yet so it was fun to introduce her to all her relatives.  Natalie is a sweet, beautiful, lovely person and we really enjoyed spending time with her and her husband, Paul and son, Kieran!  Besides the accent...they blended right in!!!
 All the nutty kids played in the pool all day!  It was warm outside...but that water was COLD!  It was a little surreal for me when I realized all those kids (my cousins' children) were us about 20 years ago and now we're where our parents were just feels a little weird to me...I'm loving it though!

 Easter Sunday rolled around and we were back up and at 'em.  The Easter Bunny came to's the loot!  He knew Daddy got a boat so Ashlyn would need a swimmy suit and floaty!
 After church, we went to GrandMary and Papa Chuck's house for lunch and pictures.  The Easter Bunny left a couple goodies for Ashlyn there too! :o)

P.S. - I made her dress and hairbow!  I think it turned out pretty cute!  Maybe by the time she's three they will be professional looking. :o)

 Of course the flowers went almost immediately to the mouth!
Sacked out on Uncle Joe's lap. She Loves her some Uncle Joe!!!

Next weekend is another crazy one!  Southern Dining Resources is doing concessions at Panopoly (apparently not pronounced like it's spelled-found that out this weekend) arts festival in Huntsville.  I'm planning to take off work Friday and go up early to visit the family a little more!  Lots to do before I guess I'll get busy now!

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