Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring has sprung...again...

Spring is just around the corner!!!  We have had one warm snap...then it got colder again...now it's getting warm again.  As par for the course in Alabama...all the flowers are confused, pollen is everywhere and everybody has a runny nose!!!  Ashlyn and I had a little photo shoot while waiting for Daddy to get ready for church...(Yes...we were ready first!!!! Write it in the calendar cause it will probably never happen again!)  I love to put her in little dresses!  Having a girl is SO FUN!  I thought it was funny in Oklahoma this past Christmas when my Granny scoldingly told me that..."She is NOT a doll".  I know she isn't a doll...but she sure is one cute, tiny, precious, beautiful, lovely little model. :o)  It doesn't matter what you put on her...it always looks darling!!!  P.S.  This child LOVES grass!  She picks is up and studies it very carefully and throws it around.  Surprisingly, she hasn't tried to eat it yet...I'm sure that's coming.

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