Friday, April 15, 2011

Tender Golden Sweet Potatoes

Ashlyn finally likes a baby food!!!!

I sent these sweet potatoes with her to preschool and her teacher was as surprised as I was when she ate them and liked them!!!!  I think it's quite funny since short of brussell sprouts...these are my least favorite food in the world!!! (Not counting that I don't like ANYTHING spicy - I'm sure Ashlyn will put Tabasco on everything just like her Daddy).  It is funny how much she looks like me, but acts like David.  My little picky eater!!!  Maybe she'll also get the tall and skinny gene from her Dad-even though he eats like a horse!

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Linda said...

How funny You are. You loved them as a baby too. Apricots and some other funny food were your favorite though. You didn't like green stuff.