Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

For some reason...the University does not give us the day off on Memorial Day...we get about two zillion other days off...but alas, on Monday I was working.  I could have had a bad attitude or for that matter, just taken a vacation day (which would have been fine with the University), but I really do have a lot of work on my desk since the fiscal years are coming to a close.  I was actually pretty grateful to be able to work on Monday for this reason - I chose my career.  I chose accounting, which about 20 years ago was a male dominated field.  For that matter there are still countries in which the citizens have no choice in their work.  They, both men and women, are tested and groomed from a very young age to work in whatever area their government sees fit.  They are told how much food they can have and where they have to live.  They are told how many babies they are allowed to have and if they go over that number...they murder the unborn (and often times newly born) child!  Can you imagine this???  I can't!!!  I am so blessed to have been born in this country and I am so grateful to those who have gone before me to ensure all the freedoms that I hold so very dearly!  I have been guilty of taking these freedoms for granted on many occasions...but today I openly acknowledge that the freedoms we enjoy did not come freely.  Many men and women paid a very high price for that freedom and I am grateful.  I am also very aware that we have men and women still fighting this day to protect the freedoms that were hard won.  I am grateful to them and their families for the daily sacrifices that are made by them as they fulfill their duty as servicemen and servicewomen.  I have several family members that served many years in the armed forces and I remember them today also.  I feel very proud that my family played a part in fighting for our freedom.  I am really big on "putting your money where your mouth is".  I have really been feeling a tugging at my heart to give back to the veterans that gave so much.  We have a great VA hospital in Tuscaloosa and I went online to fill out an application to volunteer.  I don't know what I can do to help, but I truly hope there is some way that I can show my appreciation.  Actions speak a lot louder than words in my opinion!  Happy Memorial Day!

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