Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Step 1

We have completed step 1 - We picked a realtor (one of my boss' son-in-law) and he came out to the house last night to take pictures and we signed the listing contract.  He put his sign in the yard last night and should have our house in MLS sometime today.  We spent this entire weekend working our fingers to the bone getting the house ready...we still have some minor things left to take care of (putting another coat of paint on the trim and doors, touching up the baseboards, dusting everything, hanging the mirror above the bed, cleaning the garage, organizing the closets a little, putting monkey grass on the borders of the front yard by the door and around the tree, fixing the monkey grass border in the back yard, washing the siding and garage door, cutting down a random tree that is growing behind the bush by the garage, recaulking the fixtures in the bathroom)...ok so we still have a lot of minor things left - but we wanted to go ahead and get it listed because it will probably take some time to sell...hopefully not too long though!  We got pre-approval from the mortgage company that we used when we bought the house we're in now...so we are looking for a new house.  This is all exciting and scary and it feels right...so we'll see how it goes!

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Linda said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with You all. Praying God will Bless You with His best.