Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This past Sunday, David made a major statement of faith...he was Baptized!  I can't say how proud I am of him!  We have both grown so much in our faith now that we've been led to our church home.  We wandered aimlessly and without spiritual direction for so long.  We've both been Christians for many, many years, but lacked the guidance, accountability and encouragement that comes with fellowship with believers.  David and I have both commented on the sense of peace and clarity that has come with our conscious daily choices to trust God to lead our lives.  We still worry and yell at each other and spend money unwisely and say an occasional bad word sometimes.  As Matt Pitt says, "We aren't perfect, Just Forgiven!"  When someone is baptized at our church, they walk into the baptismal with a "sponsor".  I love our pastor's explanation that this person is a representation of the fact that we do not have to walk our spiritual journey alone, but we have our brothers and sisters of the faith who are there to encourage us and help guide us along the way.  Of course- that is paraphrased.  I have to mention that we did have some giggles in the congregation when it came time to "dunk" David.  David is 6'5"...our pastor is not...there was a very short delay when they were doing a little dance trying to figure out the dynamics of just how exactly they were going to get David underwater and then back up.  He took it in stride and we all hooped and hollered in celebration when they were done!  David has embraced his role as the spiritual head of our family and I can't say enough how very blessed I am that God chose him for me.

Baptism, April 22nd 2012 from FirstWesleyanChurch on Vimeo.

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I'm Cindi... said...

How incredible, Heather! Tears, Girl...I'm in tears! I just can't help it. I do it every time I see someone be baptized. Congrats to you and David! :)