Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We packed a lot into Easter weekend this year!  We began our celebration on Saturday by participating and volunteering at our church's community outreach called Easterfest.  We had games, inflatables, food and over 14,000 Easter eggs!!!  We took Ashlyn to GrandMary's house early in the morning so we could help prepare something like 3,000 hot dogs and help set up the games and stuff.  Grandmary brought Ashlyn a little later and we had such fun "hunting" for Easter eggs!  The park is one flat grassy surface so you don't have to hunt too hard! :-)

We discovered that Ashlyn thinks that balloons are so much fun!  She is so hilarious to watch!

We went to David's business partner's house for dinner on Saturday evening.  Ashlyn and their son played very well together!  We had a great time visiting with them and some of the people that work for the company! 

Sunday morning we woke up early to check out what the Easter Bunny had left for us...this is a very good example of my "not a morning person" child...

We went to a church in Bessemer for Easter church service with GrandMary and Papa Chuck because Ashlyn's twin cousins, Lyla and Aubrie, were being dedicated that morning.

After church, we headed north to my Dad's house to hang out with Daddy, Jacque, Lindsey, and my sister and her family!  We hid 113 Easter eggs and they found every last one of them!  We ate a delicious lunch and had yummy desserts!  Ashlyn got pretty good at this Easter egg hunting thing this year!

We finished the day off by heading a little further up north to visit my Dad's side of the family. :-)  We went to Becky and Todd's house and got to visit for a little while.  We got to see my Aunts and Uncles and cousins, including my cousin from England and her family who are in the states for a visit.  I love getting to visit with family so much!  I wish we were closer and could see everyone much more often!!!!  We had a great weekend!

On another note...we had a random showing of the house on Saturday!  Our elderly neighbor had a friend visiting and rang the doorbell to see if their friend could come look at the house....we begged for 30 minutes to clean up and we welcomed them into our home.  The lady had another friend (who lives on the street behind ours) that came with her too and she said that they had looked at a couple others in the neighborhood and that ours looked the best kept up.  Wasn't that nice of her to say!! :-)  Maybe she'll like it...either forced us to clean up a little. LOL!

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