Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow...what a weekend...

I'm still recovering from quite a wild weekend...Our Friday night started with a trip to CiCi's Pizza.  This was Ashlyn's first trip and I'd like to say it went great...but it really only went OK. Part of the problem is that she plays harder and has a shorter nap at school than at home - so we do really good on the weekends, but after school activities are almost not worth it.  More time is spent in meltdown than having a good time.  The good part about this is that I'm very encouraged to go home and cook dinner as opposed to having dinner out.  We've never really had trouble with Ashlyn in restaurants until recently.  She has decided she doesn't like to sit down and eat.  She wants to eat standing up....this is a battle I'm just not ready to handle.  She has become a very picky eater and I just want her to eat we've been eating in whatever chair she wants to and sometimes she's standing up.  I'm holding out faith that she'll grow out of this - just like the other food/dinnertime related issues we've had along the way.
Friday evening was spent cleaning the house top to bottom since someone requested a real showing of the house.  I'm trying to be realistic and not get excited.  I know it is pessimistic of me but I get to being a real grumpuss when we're cleaning the house for a showing.  I start thinking the people looking at the house probably haven't even sold I try to be positive and clean for my family.  We like living in a clean house and when we show the house - David and I really give it a good scrub.  I was so tired by bedtime Friday that I told David if he would clean the floors in the house that I would get up early and mow the lawn.  So....Saturday morning before Ashlyn even got up, I was up and at 'em in the the time I was done Ashlyn was up and David was getting ready to leave to work at the Sorority House for the A-day game - so Ashlyn came outside and played while I weeded areas in the backyard.  She and dogs actually played really well together which was a surprise!  Maybe we can get a swing set for the backyard after all...
I stress out so bad when we get ready for a showing - David says I try to do too much to get the house ready - but it's just my nature to want everything to be perfect.  I finally decided I had done all I could so Ashlyn and I headed to the McDonald's down the street for breakfast since it was still a couple hours until the showing.  She ran around the play place.  She can't really play in it yet since she's still a little small for it.  She climbs up a few stairs and looks up the slide and then runs around in circles...but she thinks it's fun.  We finished breakfast and headed back to the house for the funnest part about showing our house -you guessed it - loading up three dogs.  I can't begin to describe the hilarity of me and Ashlyn and our three dogs crammed into my little Escape driving around town for an hour and 15 minutes.  Buddy was in the back seat with Ashlyn and he couldn't decide which side he wanted to sit on so he would get down on the floor board and walk from one side to the other and it would make Ashlyn mad so she would kick at him until he moved.  I preferred when he sat behind the passenger seat because when he sat behind me he panted and drooled all over my shoulder.  Holly and Bryant both refused the sit in the back so they both sat in the front seat.  Holly was literally leaning on top of Bryant - but he wasn't going to budge to the backseat - and they were happy so I didn't fight it.  I have a layer of dog hair in my car that seems an inch thick from this outing.  No one peed - so I can handle the dog hair.  I almost had a panic attack getting them back out of the car though...Bryant and Buddy were doing their whole "I'm the boss" growling with each other and somehow my wedding band got hooked into Buddy's collar and I couldn't get it off and I just kept envisioning them ripping my finger off if they went at it the way they've been known to do.  Thankfully, Jesus had sent a Guardian Angel to protect me and kept the dogs from I still have my finger intact.
After Ashlyn and I dropped the dogs off - we headed up to Birmingham for the afternoon to see my Dad and Step mom and Lindsey.  We had a fantastic time visiting and Ashlyn loves playing with MiMi, Papaw and especially Aunt Lindsey!!!
Sunday morning we got up and actually made it to Sunday School (almost on time).  We went to Taco Casa for lunch and then home.  We decided to take a nap while Ashlyn did because Saturday had taken it's toll.  We were planning to go to an open house - but that wasn't in the stars for us - because we spent the rest of the day taking care of each other as we shared one nasty stomach bug!  Thankfully Ashlyn didn't get it...I don't know how...but I'm so glad she didn't get it!!!  I don't know how single parents do it when their sick..but my hat's off to them.  I couldn't survive without David's help!!!  There you have it - a weekend in the life of The Ryan's - jam packed and full of adventure.

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