Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At least it not still Monday...

Just kidding. My day is actually going pretty smoothly...so far...keep your fingers crossed. I busted my rump yesterday trying to whittle down the infamous TO DO list. I really made some headway too! I did take a break to watch a video that we had rented last week. Here's the story. We ate at Subway and got one of those type the code into the website and see what you won cards. I did and we got a free month subscription to the online Blockbuster thing where they mail you movies. I thought, "Hey, it's worth a try. It's free." I have been wondering if something like that would fly with me and David. Well, it doesn't. I ordered one that I knew Lindsey and I could watch when she was in town. Then, after she left, I turned it in for an in- store exchange to get something David and I could watch. It sat on the counter at home until it was two days late. We are the kind of people that get in the mood to watch a movie, go get it, watch it that night, and return it the next day. So anyway, I cancelled the subscription before they started charging me. Yesterday I figured if I was going to have to pay all those late fees, I might as well watch the movie, so I popped it in. It really wasn't very good and I wished I had just turned it in and paid the fees. I took it back to the store, prepared to hear, "That will be $6 and some odd cents" but surprise, surprise, it only costs me $.98. I was happy to hear that, but honestly, if I had known that it would only cost me $.98, I wouldn't have been so intent on wasting my already limited time watching the movie. Oh well. :)
Nothing too new going on. I did get to go to my sister's house on Sunday evening. They cooked dinner. We had Steak Salad and Starbucks Mocha ice cream for dessert. It was very yummy. We spent the rest of the evening kicking the kids out of the kitchen, over and over and over, so that we could have adult conversation. They would run in every 20 minutes or so and blurt out their made up reason for why they needed to be in the kitchen and Bonnie and I would scoot them back out to go play. It was funny...or at least I thought it was....I don't know that Bonnie thought it was so funny, but, of course, I get to go home to the peace and quiet of dogs barking and cats meowing. She gets to keep scooting kids to whichever place they are supposed to be. We ended the evening with Aunt Heather telling each of the three children their Aunt Heather's version of the night they were each born. Shelby asked me when I was done telling Hayden his story if I would now tell her the story of when she grew up. I told her that she wasn't done growing up yet, so she would have to wait for that story. What I didn't tell her was that I have learned that you really never finish growing up. There is always something new to learn or experience.

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