Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goings On

As usual, I've been pretty busy the last couple weeks, so blogging hasn't been an option. Happy Belated Independence Day. David actually got off early on the 4th, so we took the opportunity to have some fun. We ate dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They really know the burger business! I have never eaten there and been disappointed. We then headed out to Sokol Park. The city put on a fireworks display at the park. We wanted to make sure we got a spot, so we headed out there pretty early. We parked at the far end of the park, where the model airplane field is located. There were several people out there flying their miniature aircrafts. David and I walked into their fenced area and watched them. They were incredibly nice and gracious, offering us food and answering David's questions. Yes, I do believe David has decided on his next hobby. We agreed to let our lives settle a bit before he embarks on any spending sprees, but he has been searching the internet and gathering information on all the stuff you need to get started. He is so funny. :) This is a video I took with my phone of one of the airplanes.

This is a picture of us at the field.

We've spent the rest of our time working our regular jobs and getting all the details ironed out for running the new businesses. You never really know how much work goes into starting a new business until you try it. WOW! It is a lot of work. We are excited though and anxious to be completely on our feet and running. Please keep us in your prayers that we will work hard, make good business decisions and find favor in the community.

Last night, I went with my "David's side of the family" to a family barbeque in Greensboro, AL. David's Mom's cousin is moving to Virginia, so David's Mom's sister through a going away get together. We had a good time. David's Mom's sister has owned a couple Bed and Breakfasts and is a pro at throwing together parties. There was delicious food and good company. Here is a picture of Richard goofing off with David's Step-Dad's glasses. He is such a goof. I think he looks a little like Mr. Magoo. Ha Ha!

Today I have tons of work to do. I have GOT to clean my house. We have dust caked an inch thick on everything and Bryant needs a bath so bad you can smell him a mile away. Tomorrow, I have plans to go see my sister in Birmingham, so that is my incentive to work hard at getting everything done today. Next week, Autumn, my oldest neice is supposed to come stay the weekend with us. I will pick her up on Friday and take her back home Monday. I really enjoy having her around. She is a great kid. Plus, I get to have fun doing kid stuff and people don't look at me funny like they would if I didn't have a kid with me.

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Linda said...

Darling I love your blog. You have so much fun keeping up with you this way. I love your pictures. Love, Mom